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Inspiration only lasts so long before it’s dried up, and you’re left feeling sluggish and unmotivated. Giving yourself a daily boost of motivation will do wonders for your mental health and career, and there’s perhaps no more powerful way to do so than with podcasts. Here are four we recommend you start with to add a powerful motivational boost to your daily routine.

The Charged Life

This show is run by Brendon Burchard. He’s a NYT best-selling author as well as a high-performance expert, and his knowledge shines through with each episode of the podcast. The whole concept behind the show is tapping into our innate human drive for life and utilizing that energy. This is what Brendon calls living a charged life. It’s a significant energy boost before a big day at work and will help get your mind right.

The School of Greatness

Run by Lewis Howes, a bestselling author, and former athlete, this podcast features a diverse range of inspiring and motivating guest speakers from business professionals to celebrities. Howes focuses on getting to the nitty-gritty of what makes someone successful. Each story makes for a fascinating and empowering listen, especially those focusing on resilience and learning from failure.

Being Boss

You might think this podcast is aimed only at creative and artistic entrepreneurs, but in reality, it’s for anyone who’s on a mission to get their dream job. For you, that might involve climbing the corporate ladder. It’s all about taking charge and being the boss of your life and career now: no need to wait endless years! It’s a must-listen for anyone with big dreams in business of any kind.

This is Your Life

This show, run by Michael Hyatt, who was formerly CEO of a publishing house, is great for anyone in the corporate world. Episodes give insightful and practical advice that will improve your life. Topics include becoming more of a morning person, setting boundaries, delegating tasks within the workplace, and getting more energy. It’s a great listen on your morning commute.

I hope this list helped gave you some good podcast inspiration!