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The COVID-19 pandemic changed people’s perspectives and organizations’ ways of operation. It forced individuals to adjust to a “new normal.” Since its existence in 2020, many people have struggled to transform their routines to the new normal. A lot of time has passed, and solutions towards the pandemic have been in play. With vaccines and policies changing, things seem to be getting back to the old normal. Organizations are looking for ways of getting back to the office, back to normal.

What if normal never existed?

Even though a change may be as good as a rest, few people are usually ready to embrace it. Generally, human beings are used to routines, making them feel that it is the normal way of doing things. They feel normal when they can predict life and things go as expected. When there’s a twist to the plot, that’s when a new normal gets to the scene. Routines and constants in life are not the determining factors of what’s normal. The constants in one’s life may be standard for them and out of the ordinary for the next person. These constants only exist temporarily, meaning they can’t be SI units for what is normal.

There is no normal way to work

Life is never constant and is always dynamic. Once individuals accept that, it means that they understand that disruptions are part of life. Individuals are unique and have different perspectives. They operate differently and thrive in different environments. Therefore, having a one-shoe-fits-all, when it comes to what is expected, may not be possible. Such variants make it difficult to identify what is normal.

Just because employees have a routine, it doesn’t make it the normal way of doing things. Every employee has their normal when working in any organization. Working at home was a change that many struggled to adjust to. However, after several online meetings and adjusting their home routine, many people are now more comfortable working at home. They have adapted to the new normal.

Ditching normal and working one’s way

Organizations need to detach themselves from old routines and adjust to better and more innovative ways of operating. When change occurs, it is essential to work as a team to find the right solutions. Finally, it is critical to be flexible and open to fresh ideas and perspectives.